Saturday, more woods, water, and coastline

Saturday morning I woke up to find the whole world soaked with dew. I had left my shirts hanging out to dry, but the best I could hope is that they got a dew water rinse. The seals were still on the other side when I woke but it wasn’t long before they were gone. The guy who cooked my breakfast said they were chased off by a coyote.

When I had finished breakfast and packing, I biked off into the cool gray morning. The route started off flat, going mostly along the water and through green farmland.

Before long I came into Tallamook, home of the famous cheese factory, and I decided to stop for a look. I had wanted to replenish my cheese supply anyway so I was happy to pick up a bar of sharp cheddar, my favorite.

Of course flat never lasts, and it wasn’t very long before I found myself climbing. I avoided the three capes scenic route because I know it was also three big climbs, but that didn’t get me out of all of the climbs ahead. But, as always, I was rewarded by viewing points where I could see beautiful scenes of the coast below.

Then, around the Sandlake area I passed an area that looked like a sand desert! There was a lot of noise from many ATVs that were playing in the sand. A guy by the side of the road said people camped out there and the noise went on day and night. I could still hear it for many miles as I pedaled away.

But, eventually the noise faded and I again found myself climbing, and then descending as I got close to Pacific City, my destination.

I planned to stay at an RV park that had been recommended by a friend of a friend and as I was checking in, there was another cyclist and she even had gray hair! It turned out she was one of a group of four who were only on a weekend trip from points east. The guy closest to me said this was a test run for him before he did a tour across the US in May.

I was at the Cape Kiwanda RV park and this pace was huge! There were a ton of RV sites along with tent camping sites, and they also had quite a few cabins for rent. There was a fairly large store, a choice of restaurants, and a pool and spa. I ended up spending the evening by the pool because it was indoors and warm, there were electric outlets, and I could use the free wifi. Eventually though it was time to return to the tent but I passed a very comfortable night. I like having neighbors, and it was really nice starting out warm from spending time in the pool area. Unfortunately though, I was too tired to even think of getting back on the bike even after I had rested for a while, so I never did go into town to see the friend of friends and check out his wines. I would have been under the table with one glass.

About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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6 Responses to Saturday, more woods, water, and coastline

  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad you had more people around you. Love the photos. Take care.


  2. Wynne Wilson says:

    The cheese factory looked really interesting and I am glad that you had people around you at the campsite. Take care.


    • I was glad I made a stop at the cheese factory. I heard it was interesting and was not disappointed. I know some people love to be out in nature alone but I’m more comfortable with camping neighbors.


  3. ME BE in Panama says:

    Makes us want to check out western Oregon, looks really beautiful. And the menu, wow! Mouth watering. Especially the Tillamook cheese, yum!


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