First day on the road

I’m in my tent in Twanoh state park. There are a lot of other people here in RVs, and others in tents though most of them arrived in cars. I don’t see any bikers, only another couple with a very noisy motorcycle.

My first day camping, not in the backyard. Thank goodness for my good sleeping bag and all the testing beforehand! It’s very chilly out there and the sun wasn’t even down when I retreated to the tent. Thankfully I am warm and comfortable in here.

The first day went very well! The first leg was Bellevue to the ferry dock in Seattle. Thanks to the gift of Drew’s old iPhone, I had no trouble following the route and all went smoothly. Well except for some road work in Seattle which I passed going over some train tracks, which grabbed my wheel and down I went. Thankfully I only have a skinned knee and elbow, very minor things but I did something to my rear view mirror and it will no longer stay in position. Thank goodness for the bright orange duct tape I bought.

I got to the dock just in time for the ferry. By the time I made it to the auto entrance, where they also send bikes, I was the last one on. I hadn’t even parked the bike before they were off. It was a beautiful ride on a really gorgeous day, and in about an hour we were in Bremerton. I was anxious to be on my way so I didn’t explore the town but felt I saw enough to get the general feel as I biked through.

I did pass a navy yard on the way out of town and it was interesting to see the huge ships parked there. There was a lot of traffic on the road but there were good shoulders excellent for a bike so I didn’t have any trouble. There was a challenging hill past Bremerton though, and I think I spent more than a half hour in lowest gear climbing and climbing. I was happy when the road finally leveled out with some gentle downhills.

I stopped at a Safeway in Belfair for some food and a rest. It wasn’t the most scenic place but the sun was bright and I could put a little more charge in my tired iPhone. I was going to stop at a state park near here, but there was Twanoh only 10 miles away and I thought I could make it ok since I will still feeling good.

The road through here was narrower with less shoulder but it was still rideable almost all the time, so all was well. There was also less traffic and the area was prettier. Soon I was passing a beautiful lake with snow capped mountains in the distance, and many lovely lake front homes. One guy yelled at me – it’s not safe up there!  Ok….  So I should ride in the lake?? It was fine and the ride went well, though I was tired by the time I got to the park and was glad to call it a day. I was also glad to see the park is right on the route, not a few miles away like it looked on the map. I only need to bike down the path and through a parking lot and I will be on my way again.

Tomorrow, again, will depend on how I feel to determine how far I bike. The next stop is Shelton, and then on to Elma where it says there is camping just out of town. That should be 41 miles according to google maps, a good goal for tomorrow. Today was 36 miles and though I was a bit tired towards the end I feel generally quite good.

For a first day, I am very encouraged! I can do this.



About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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18 Responses to First day on the road

  1. Whoop! Whoop! First day down with only a minor boo-boo. Congrats, Kris! I checked the GPS this morning and you were still in the campground. That GPS is so cool.


  2. Are you taking the 105 to the Coast route?


  3. oldsalt1942 says:

    Good on ya, girl!


  4. Yeah!!! Go Kris!! Its so fun to follow you!!! Your doing Great!!


  5. Carol says:

    Kris, great! Enjoy every mile.


  6. ME BE in Panama says:

    Great pix, too. Keep ’em coming! And no more banged up knees!


  7. Carole says:

    Glad to hear everything went well except for a small fall, nice to hear you are not too cold in the tent. Congratulations on getting this far. Have a safe journey. Thanks for the pictures, so nice.


  8. Anonymous says:

    I cycled from Portland to Astoria and south for several days in the rain (1971) before heading home to Portland bc I couldn’t dry out. Hoping you have great cycling weather all the way home.


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