One More Week at Home

A week from today I will be on the bus, and a week from tomorrow I will be on the plane. Yesterday I packed the bike so I could get used to the weight of what I will actually carry. It is a bit more than the water bottles I had been using but it feels ok.


One task, after the panniers were packed, was to be sure everything fits in the duffle bag that I plan to take on the plane. I couldn’t see going with two panniers and another package with my tent and sleeping stuff, so I think it will be better all together like this. Everything fits without a problem so we are good.


Then, time to put it all on the bike. Pretty much everything is in the panniers except my iPad and electronics which won’t take up much room, and a cooking pot. The hiking boots which I plan to wear (too cold up there for sandals) take up a lot of room, but they will be on my feet. The duffle bag is too big for just the tent, sleeping bag and pad though, so I need to fiddle with that a bit so it will be a more compact package.

But, at this point, I feel like I am where I need to be. There will be adjustments of course, and I will also have a backpack as a carry on but in general I have it pretty much together.

I also have reservations at the airport hostel for Tuesday night, and my friend Luis is going to pick me up at the bus station. Since I will have a big box I thought it would be a lot easier to hire him, rather than make my way down to the taxi stand.

I still have my moments of freaking out though. I woke up this morning feeling nuts not knowing where I will sleep every night. When I travel I am usually very organized and have arrangements made well in advance. I think this will be very good for me to just let things unfold as they happen, and I know in my head it will all be fine. But, in my heart I still have moments if freaking out.

I have also decided that 30 miles a day is my goal for the first week at least. I know I won’t be biking in the heat and can probably do more, but I’d rather adjust that upward than downward when I get going and see how I feel. It will still be challenging and there are hills, and I have nothing to prove to anyone so I want to do what is comfortable and enjoyable.

I’m considering the idea of coming home from Guadalajara for a while, and setting out for the rest of the trip later. Otherwise it will be a really long time away from my husband. We shall see how it goes.



About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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14 Responses to One More Week at Home

  1. oldsalt1942 says:

    Looking forward to reading about your adventure.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like you are prepared physically and mentally – when worries settle in, just take one day at a time! You will have a huge cheering section…


  3. Rona True says:

    Well, you are impressing the heck out of me. May the wind be ever at your back or some such wisdom. You are going to have an amazing time as you are an amazing woman. When do you plan to be in Guadalajara? Joel may need supervision. Hugs and kisses till we meet up again mi Amiga.


    • Thank you Amiga πŸ™‚ I don’t know how fast I will travel, but maybe Guadalajara around July? When I get my iPhone going I’ll post a link to the tracking app so people can see where I am. Joel will definitely need supervision, so feel free to keep an eye on him when you can. Xoxo


  4. marimarg says:

    I will be following your progress. All the best on the journey.


  5. Safe travels, Kris! I just found your blog today via Susan and John’s blog. I can’t wait to read your posts as your tour progresses!


  6. I admire what you are setting out to accomplish, Kris, and so look forward to following along on your journey. Safe travels!


  7. You are my hero. Go Kris. I will be following you every peddle of the way.


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