Up and Down

Some days I am ready to go, other days I am not. Some days I am excited and ready to go now, and other days I think I will never be ready and I must be nuts.

I woke up with a jolt of nerves one morning, thinking about getting on my bike with no idea where I would sleep that night. How crazy am I to be doing that?? I had to check the warmshowers site before I even made coffee to reassure myself that there are lots of hosts all along my route, in addition to the multiple camping sites that the other cyclists reassured me are everywhere. Why am I so concerned about where I will sleep? Probably because it’s all still too new, and you can’t just pull up to a $10 cabaña like I did in Costa Rica.

The weather here continues to be a problem, or an excuse, or both. Yesterday the winds were calm and I biked almost 30 miles and felt generally good, except the last couple hours after 11:30 were miserably hot. It felt like the heat sucked all the life out of me and I was actually wishing for some wind. I know, I could actually get out of bed earlier, and I could refrain from doing errands and talking to people along the way to speed up the ride. But, I am more motivated when I have a destination and I enjoy talking with people.

Today there are winds again. Joel headed up to Boquete to play in the Blues and Jazz festival, but he didn’t leave until around 10:00. By then, the sun felt hot enough that biking wasn’t appealing, and the winds were already starting to pick up so I ended up sitting back down at my table in the shade. If he comes home tonight (rather than staying over up there) he will have to get up early so maybe that will help me get out there.

I think it’s time to put some weight on my bike to get used to the feel of the loaded bike. Yesterday when I came home I had 3 chickens (the supermarket had some great ones, and when you see something you want here, get it now because you may not see it again for ages), 2 jars of coconut oil (you would think it’s everywhere here, but it is surprisingly hard to find), 4 tamales, a bag of bananas, and some mangoes and the bike definitely felt heavy.

I worry about getting everything done and ready. It’s time I make a list and get organized, and just do it rather than fret. I’ll probably find there actually isn’t that much.

Now it’s mid afternoon and the winds are howling! It’s always worse in the mountains and Joel is playing outdoors as we speak. I hope it’s going OK for them.


About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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